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Color: Nude; Berry

Vegan and Soothing

Lip Soothers

Price: $3.25

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Product Specs

  • Soothes and protects lips
  • Contains jojoba oil and vitamin E
  • Plant-based candelilla wax
  • Pure and simple
  • Vegan

Product Description

Nude has no added scents or flavors or colors.
Berry is currently out of stock.

This is a popular Summer Hill Farm Botanicals product created by Brooke Betz!

*** Testimonial from Lindsay Betz, daughter of Brooke ***
I never, ever used to use lip balm. I didn't feel like I needed it. Then Mom asked me to be a tester for her lip balm and now I'm attached to it. I use it pretty much every day and I always put in a request for more when it starts to get low. If I have to wait a couple days for more, I feel the difference. I love this stuff!