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What personality!

SuKn Mousse

Sheep, Icelandic, Wether (male) | Moorit

DOB: 4/28/2017 (3 yrs)


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When I first researched Icelandics, the words “independent” and “aloof” frequently popped up to describe the breed… and then we bought Mousse.
Mousse calls to us every chance he gets, climbs up the gate to greet us, often escapes his pasture in search of adventure, follows us into the chicken coop, constantly wonders what we’re doing, demands to be snuggled, and even rubs noses with us.
On top of that, his rich chocolate fleece flies off the table when up for sale. He is a complete package! He was purchased as a wether due to undesirable conformation, but his personality and his fleece… priceless. We love him!

Updated 12/8/2018